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Combating teenage angst


Do you remember the day you turned 13 and embarked on the age of adolescence? The very thought of it was exciting to you – the thought of enjoying more independence, bearing more responsibility or embarking on this new phase of life that lies ahead of you. But it is very likely that your teenage years were not, and are not, as you had imagined, owing to some stress and anxiety, conflicts with your parents on the pettiest of issues, vulnerable friendships, decisions you regret taking and choices you regret making. This whirlwind of events going on in your life and the changes happening in and around you give rise to what is called ‘Teenage Angst.’

In their quest for independence, teenagers fail to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. When their wants are not fulfilled, teenage angst may lead to depression and they are likely to turn to drugs and alcohol, completely ruining their lives

Adolescence is characterised by individualisation – the time you begin to see yourself as an individual entity in this world, the stage when you begin to understand who you are. While some teenagers are wise enough to appreciate their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, thus building their self-esteem, this is not the case with all of us. It is more than common to find teenagers who shame their bodies, curse themselves for being hapless, or see themselves as a ‘nobody’ in this world, which may lead to build-up of suicidal thoughts. Some teens would often scream and shout at their parents, engage in dramatic fights as they begin to form an opinion of their own, opposed to that of their parents. Teenagers often take rash decisions and repent later on. All these things happen because they want to take their own decisions. In their quest for independence, they fail to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. When their wants are not fulfilled, teenage angst may lead to depression and teens are likely to turn to drugs and alcohol, completely ruining their lives.

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There is a need to handle teens more sensibly and sensitively. Imposing stringent rules and harsh punishment may not be the right choice, particularly when the child has become stubborn. On the part of adolescents, they need to understand the changes taking place around them and act more rationally. At an age when they are blind towards their own actions and reactions, they should obey their elders rather than forcefully make their decisions. It is absolutely necessary to make your own choices sometimes and not always. Teenage angst can be beaten with mindful behaviour and thoughtful actions at the right time. So rather than falling prey to the ills of adolescence, make sure you battle through the problems and emerge as a wiser person towards the end of it.

This article is written by Mahima Yadav, class XII student of Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi

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