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Dear Parents! Are marks more important to you than your children?

A leading school of Noida, UP, recently witnessed an unfortunate incident wherein one of its class X students ran away from home following a rebuke from his mother for having scored less marks in pre-board exams. It was not marks but his mother’s attitude that shook up the boy so much that he preferred to live on road than with his parents.

With board exams just around the corner, such incidents are bound to rise. Students are stressed, we all know. But should parents increase their anxiety or help them face their exams with confidence? The inability of parents to deal with a ‘less-marks situation’ in a mature, calm way, is the reason why many students prefer to commit suicide than face the ire of their parents. We thus ask parents:

Why is it so tough for you to accept children weak or average in studies? When will you understand that teenagers should not be treated as a 2-year-old child? They are young, of rebellious age, and hence parents need a different skill-set to deal with them? In fact, every stage of a child’s growth demands a change in parenting style. This is why we at The Peeper Times strongly recommend a school for parents.

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While parenting is certainly not an easy task, the least that parents can do is not to burden the child with their own expectations. This is a stressful time for students. Hence, parents should try to de-stress their wards, make them understand that exams are only a part of their life, and not their life. Tell your children that they are precious, and will be loved and respected even if they fail to score well. Make them feel wanted no matter what. It’s important for parents to figure out what is important for them – their children or marks. If former, then better correct yourself now before it gets too late. In the above incident, the family was lucky as the child returned home the next day, but not everyone is that fortunate.

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