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Should Smartphones Be Banned In Schools?

World Economic Forum recently posted a study on the effects of smartphones in schools on learning and mental health of students. As per the study, girls at phone-free schools in Norway made about 60% fewer visits to mental health specialists. Also, girls showed an improvement in their grades. Schools where smartphones where banned reported a sharp fall in bullying among both boys and girls. Studies have also shown a link between the use of smartphones and social media and poor mental health in teens. The LinkedIn post further mentioned the 2023 UNESCO report, which highlighted that while smartphones can support learning, they often have a disruptive effect in classrooms. According to the report, it can take students up to 20 minutes to regain focus after being distracted by their phones.

The report has once again stirred discussion among educators about whether to allow smartphones in schools.

Supporting the ban, Dr Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School, shared her school experience with readers in her social media post. She wrote, “As a school leader, I have banned smart phone in my school . I have allowed keypad phone for safety purpose as parents can ascertain that children have reached home after school. Children have to deposit their keypad phone with their class teacher in morning and collect it before dispersal.” She further added that they conducted a mental health survey in their school and the results showed significant reduction in cyber bullying and improvement in performance and self-esteem and confidence.

Educationist Deepika Thapar Singh agrees with Dr Acharya but advocates the need to strike a balance between using technology and banning it altogether. “Taking away technology completely from our students will not help. A balance has to be demonstrated and reiterated. As adults we need to regulate its usage/ ensure smartphones with internet are only given to 14-year-olds and above.” She adds, “Digital Detox is the only way forward. It is important we get our children back on the field, board games and face to face conversations.”

While everyone agrees that smartphones aid educators and students in learning, many believe the real problem lies in the use of social media. Nagesh N. Borse, whose daughter uses her phone for various work-related projects, feels that taking away her phone would deprive her of essential school resources and her safety net. “We must disentangle phones and social media. It’s like cars and alcohol, banning cars is not an answer. Banning alcohol use during car driving is critical.”

So, should smartphones be banned or just social media? Or should smartphones be replaced with devices that exclude social media and games?

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