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“I learn a lot from my students, more than they learn from me”


KNOW YOUR TEACHER: Teachers leave an indelible mark in our lives. Ever wondered what is it that inspired them to be teachers and continues to motivate them every day? In this section, we try to discover such unknown facts about them. Our educator this time is Sangita Sharma, Faculty, Pearl Academy.

1. Who has been your favourite teacher?
My economics teacher – Prof T.C. Chaudhoury

2. Why did you opt for this profession?
I wanted to be with young people as I enjoy their thought process. They express themselves as they want and are brimming with fresh ideas. I learn a lot from them, more than they learn from me.

3. One thing that comes to mind when you think of teaching profession
Bright young faces, positive people, full of life.

4. Thing that you always carry in your handbag?
My notepad.

5. Quote that inspires you
Excuses and success cannot go together.

6. Your biggest achievement?
When my students excel in life, I feel like I have achieved a milestone. It brings a great deal of satisfaction.

7. Biggest regret in life?
I should have come to this profession earlier.

8. Thanks to technological advancement, our world is no longer the same as it used to be two decades ago. What is it that you feel is missing in today’s children?
They don’t go to library. They are always on internet. As a teacher, it irritates me.

9. How has student-teacher dynamic changed over time?
Today, teachers are motivators. Internet has made everything easily accessible to us. Students can get answers to all their queries on net. So in this scenario, teachers’ role has evolved, they are now guide, a motivator. Student and teacher now share a different kind of bond. It is no longer just respect.

10. How does it feel as a teacher to watch your students grow over the years?
This is the most beautiful thing in life. In fact, it is the best thing about this profession. When we see our students’ progress in life, it gives us immense happiness and satisfaction. Our students are our children. Just like a mother would feel happy seeing her child succeed, same way we feel for our students.

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