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Hilarious things people say to teachers

We start this 'teachers dedicated month' by republishing this funny article


We asked some teachers to share with us their crazy interactions with students or parents. The experiences they shared would make you laugh and also admire students for their innovative excuses. We are sure after reading this article, you would either envy or fall in love with a teacher’s profession. Enjoy…

Sangeeta Anand, Teacher, Cambridge Foundation School

1. I had gone to my colleague’s class and while we were discussing, students were busy talking. I remember two such students, sitting beside each other.  They were making most of the noise. Irritated, my colleague asked the two to “stop talking and change your seat.” The two immediately stopped talking, got up and exchanged their seats with each other. The teacher was left aghast.

2. This happened when I began teaching political science in class X. There was a question in the book, “What are the powers of Prime Minister of India?” One of the funniest answers I received for this question was – “To appoint and disappoint (instead of remove) ministers.”


Sangita Sharma, Faculty, Pearl Academy – Noida

1. One of my students would always be late to class. One day I told him that he would have to stand outside the class if he is late again. My next class was a week later. This time too, he was late. Hence, he entered my class with a cannula inserted on his hand, and with a grave expression on his face, he looked at me and said, “Madam, I was in hospital the whole night. I have only come for this class.”

2. This happened when I was teaching in a women’s institute. The institute did not permit students to go out during campus hours. One day, one of my students who wanted to leave early, told me, “Madam, I am not well – am experiencing severe pain in body. Can I be excused for the day?” Her friend also pitched in, saying, “I live near her home Madam. I will drop her home.” Suspecting no foul play, I decided to call her mother and brief her about her daughter’s health, as was the rule there. Meanwhile, one of my colleagues, who was sitting in canteen, overheard a student talking on phone pretending to be a mother. She snatched her phone only to realise that the other person on phone was me – updating my student’s ‘mother’ about her daughter’s health. My student, instead of calling her mother, had called her friend. The trio had planned the whole thing to help their friend leave early and meet her boyfriend.


Surekha Kaul, SDMC Primary School

1. In one of our interactions with parents, we were trying to explain them the importance of helping their children with studies. In order to show us how much they care about their children’s studies, one parent said, “We have arranged for tuition for them.” Not to be left behind, another parent added, “We pay Rs 200 for their tuition.”

2. Since I teach in a government school, often parents come to us with the complaint that they get only Rs 500 for their ward’s uniform. “It is too small an amount for purchase of uniform.”


Jyotsna Raghunathan Arora, Faculty, Pearl Academy – Naraina

One of my students who had not completed his assignment on time, came in the class and said, ‘Madam, there was a fire in my room yesterday.” Worried, I asked him if everything was fine and what all did he lose because of fire. And prompt came his answer, “Everything is fine, madam. Just that the assignment caught fire.”

I was teaching in my class when one of my female students, who desired to leave early that day, approached me and said, “Madam, I broke my finger nail. Can I be excused from the class as I have to go to hospital?”

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