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PM’s ten tips to help students deal with exams and life

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents from India and abroad in this year’s edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi on Tuesday (Jan 29). Below, we have compiled a list of ten tips which he gave to students at the meet

1. How to deal with examination pressure?

Ask yourself – is this an exam of a particular class or my life? If you can decide that, it will help lessen your burden. Exam is a part of life and not life. It is not now or never. Life will not stop if you don’t do well in one or two exams. Remember, there’s life beyond exams.

2. Why exams are important?

Exams are not bad. It sizes us up, and gives us new energy, motivation. Treat it as an opportunity to learn and you will enjoy it.

Exams give you an opportunity to assess your strengths. However, don’t run after marks. Focus on acquiring knowledge and marks will come automatically.

3. How to manage time?

Observe yourself. Note down how you spend your time during a day. Do this activity for a week. This will give you a clear picture of how you spend your time. Once you understand this, you will automatically be able to figure out hours which you need to invest more constructively.

4. How to choose a right career?

What is that you like to do? It is important to figure out your interests or passion. If you are uncertain, discuss it with others – your parents, teachers, etc. Develop clarity of thoughts. Have faith in your conviction and then follow it up with a character to act.

5. How to handle competition?

Be your own benchmark. Do not compare yourself with others or assess your work/progress based on other’s appreciation. Instead, challenge yourself to be better than yesterday.

6. How to deal with parents?

Don’t react immediately whenever your parents tell you something. Listen to them attentively, with interest. Sometimes, not listening to each other leads to conflicts. Do explain your viewpoint to your parents but at the right time, preferably when they are in listening mood.

7. Are aspirations important?

Expectations are important but they should act as motivation and not a burden. They should motivate you towards your goal.

8. Should we aim big?

Set an aim which is reachable but not within reach. Aim big. It is ok if you are unable to achieve your aim, that’s forgivable. But what’s unforgiveable is to aim low.

9. How do we achieve our goals?

Aim big but set small targets/steps which you need to achieve in order to realise your ultimate goal. These shorter targets will help you assess your potential from time-to-time. Also, your aim should be based on self-assessment and not expectation of others.

10. How to combat loneliness?

Talk to your parents or family. If they are not around, make friends, socialize. In case, there is no one around or you feel insecure in expressing yourself, write down all your feelings on a piece of paper and tear it up. Then write again. You will notice that in the first attempt, if you wrote down your feelings on 4-5 sheets of paper, this time it will be less, may be, three. Again tear it up. Now, write down your feelings once more, the third time. This time, you are likely to summarise your emotions on one paper sheet. This is because by writing down, you have been able to release your piled-up emotions.

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