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Eight takeaways for parents from PM’s Pariksha Pe Charcha

Last week, we raised the same point, requesting parents not to burden their children with their own expectations. Today PM also requested the same thing to parents


1. Do not burden your children with your expectations

Do not expect your children to fulfil your unfulfilled dreams. Every child has his or her own potential and strengths. It is important to listen to your child’s calibre, dreams. Encourage them.

2. Link education to learning and not just exams

We should not reduce our learning to exams only. Our education must equip us to face various challenges of life.

3. Do not make your child’s report card your visiting card

Parents often like to boast about their children’s marks in their peer group. This is where the problem lies. Do not make your child’s report card your visiting card.

4. There’s a world beyond STEM

Science and maths are important but this does not mean the rest of the subjects are bad. Parents need to assess their child’s interest and passion. And then encourage them to pursue their interests. Start conversation with your kids.

5. Do not compare your children with others

Parents need to stop comparing their children with others. It leads to demotivation among children. Compare your child with their past performance. This approach will motivate them to do better in life. Also, never criticize your wards in front of others. Appreciate them before public.

6. Put yourself in your child’s shoes

What were your feelings/ thoughts when you were of your child’s age? Think about it and you will have no problem in dealing with your children.  Do not expect them to be as mature as you are.

7. Use technology constructively

Instead of discouraging your children from using technology, teach them to use it constructively. Use the medium to expand the horizons of their thinking.

8. Look out for signs of depression, and don’t shy away from counseling

Parents need to observe their child’s behavior carefully even when they are no longer toddlers. Observation is important to notice the signs of depression. If you feel your child needs help, don’t shy away from seeking a professional’s help. They are experts and will help your child in a better fashion. Do not worry about society. Your child is more important.

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