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Windows 10 S – A Walled OS!


Microsoft recently announced the launch of its operating system for education – Windows 10 S. Many consider it as an answer to Google’s Chrome OS. In this section, we tell you about the new product and what differentiates it from its biggest competitor

Have you browsed Microsoft Windows Education page? You will find the message there: “Windows 10 Education empowers staff, administrators, teachers and students to do great things.” Subsequently, you will find Microsoft’s sales pitch: “Find Affordable Windows Devices.” As a customer/user, everyone must be happy with this new sales pitch of Microsoft which appears now more inclined towards pricing factor but what the company is not revealing here is that it’s “Walled Windows OS” similar to Mac and ChromeOS. It means users now can’t install anything and everything just like good old times! Let’s discover more about Microsoft’s all new flip-flop game.

Why Windows 10 S?

As per the market research report of FutureSource Consulting, 2016 had proved a very bad year for Microsoft, as Google Chrome OS ruled with 58 per cent market share of school (K-12 education institutions) purchased mobile devices. The report further mentions how Chrome OS fits the bill. Dissents may call it a “Google sponsored report” but some of the fine points make sense. Let’s have a look:

  1. Browser-based apps (G-Suite) does not require regular update, so no extra bandwidth and no extra manpower to manage devices
  2. Third party integration via Google Classroom
  3. Affordable devices, starting at USD149 (and upon negotiation, available at as low as USD120)

Glad to see that Microsoft acknowledged these fine points, and has come up with the solution – Windows 10 S.

Packaging of Windows 10 S

The reason we call it “Walled Window” lies in its packaging. Microsoft appears to have copied Mac and Chrome’s business model by restricting users to install locally available, all types of third party software/applications. Now, Microsoft is forcing users to purchase and install applications from Windows Store. For example, if students want to play with photoshop, they have to purchase it on Windows Store. They can’t try alternates such as Gimp and there are many other such restrictions. That’s why we call it “Walled Windows.”

Why Windows 10 S is special for students?

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Office Suite is a superior product than GSuite. It allows students to make better powerpoint presentation, draft content on MS Word and analyse large amounts of data with advanced analysis tools in Excel file. Now the company has intelligently integrated all of these and others in Windows 10 S. For example, the company has already announced InTune for Education. It is just like the replica of Google Management Console. It allows school admin to remotely provision and set up students’ devices. In addition, with Windows 10 S, users will experience power of superior tools such as Microsoft Classroom, School Data Sync and also the ability of third party solution integration.

Most importantly, all of these will be hosted on cloud so all you need is good bandwidth. No more, hardware glitch will affect execution of your innovative ideas with these tools. It may be a bit expensive though. But dude, that’s the cost of the premium device! After all, premium devices always come with premium price.

Anand Kashyap is a tech-enthusiast, loves to explore new technology, gadget. Call him a ‘geek’ at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are that of the author and do not reflect the views of the website. The Peeper Times does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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