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Dear mothers, let your children grow up, please!


Now that Mother’s Day is over, you all must be wondering why we are doing a story on mothers. That’s because we didn’t wish to be critical about mothers on their day, but it is important to ask how justifiable and rational are mothers, and their parenting style?

“Indian mothers are symbolic of their extra caring attitude towards their children. Though every mother is protective about her child; yet Indian mothers need to learn to let their children go and explore in order to learn. Indian mothers need to learn to be courageous to allow their child to learn from his/her mistakes. They need to change their mindset and stop pampering their children; and thus contribute in making them independent individuals,” said Dr Meenakshi Gupta, principal, SD Public School.

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Anubha Srivastava, principal, East Point School, couldn’t agree more, “The kids today are more spoilt with facilities and are less amicable to adjustments and compromises, which is an important skill to be imbibed from early stages of life. I sometimes feel, I need to take up lessons more for mothers than the kids.”

“Indian mothers need to learn to be courageous to allow their child to learn from his/her mistakes. They need to change their mindset and stop pampering their children.”

Dr Gupta recalls an incident where a mother barged into her school, shouting and complaining very angrily one fine morning, “She had a complaint that she received an SMS about her daughter not having come to school whereas she herself had dropped her child at the school gate. She blamed teachers and the school management for being careless. On investigation, I came to know that she had two daughters and both studied in our school. The elder one was absent on that day. Since the contact number for both the wards was the same, the SMS sent was in connection with her elder daughter. Being an extra caring mother for the younger one, she panicked at seeing the message, and without thinking twice, barged into the office.”

Another educationist who heads a kindergarten, on condition of anonymity, said, “Mothers behaviour sometimes surprises me. They don’t want to understand that we as a school are trying to make their children independent in our own little ways. Sometimes, mothers come and feed things like banana to their children by their own hand. We discourage such practices in our school because we emphasize on making children independent but some mothers do not appreciate this.”


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