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Five Parenting tips from movie ‘Mission Mangal’

By Anand Kashyap

Akshay Kumar’s latest movie, Mission Mangal, is another blockbuster from the superstar. Inspired by the real-life story of ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission, the movie not only talks about the women scientists of ISRO, but also about our daily lives, our approach towards our domestic problems and dreams. It is full of parenting tips. Here, we discuss five such lessons from the movie:

1) Be your child’s friend

In movie: Daughter is late. Father gets angry at his wife, and lectures her about maintaining a balance between family and work. Mother calls up her daughter’s friends, figures out where she is and asks her husband to join the daughter at a discotheque. And then makes her husband understand what’s the right way to deal with a teenage daughter.

An important message conveyed in a very subtle manner. Concern for children is fine but that should not mean imposing unnecessary restrictions or scolding them over trivial things. Instead, show interest in knowing your children and their friends, their needs, interests or requirements. Be their guide, mentor and even friends.

When you don’t mind drinking in front of your children at home, then why avoid going out with them to a bar or a discotheque.

2) Don’t impose your beliefs (religious or otherwise) on your kids

In movie: Inspired by the story of music director AR Rahman, a teenager wanted to embrace Islam because he thought his new religion would give him success. But his scientist mother, instead of losing cool, makes him see the irrationality of the concept that religion can bring success instead of hardwork.

The movie tells us that instead of forcing our opinion and beliefs on our children, we should discuss things with them. Listen to their point of view and be ready to support them if their viewpoint is contrary to ours. It’s important to let children explore, discuss and discover their beliefs.

3) Demystify the riddle of dream job

In movie: The young lady scientist aspires to work for NASA. That’s her dream job. Till that time, she decides to take up a job at ISRO. But this leaves her dissatisfied. She simply doesn’t enjoy her work. But soon realises that her dream job is what she is doing now.

“The nearer the church, the farther from God.” At times, we don’t realise how far or close we are from our ultimate goal. Therefore, as a wise parent, we must speak to our children about their dream job and help them understand how nearer they are to achieving it.

4) Your baby deserves some space in your work life

In movie: One of the ladies of the Mission Mangal team becomes a mother. But instead of quitting her job or neglecting her child, she decides to bring her baby along with her to her workplace. And ISRO too ensures that their policies are women-friendly so that working mothers can relax.

Parenting in the workspace is not a common practice but there are many companies which are ready to experiment with this change in HR policies. So, talk to your company or look out for a job where companies encourage you to be a good parent and a better employee. Now is the time for new mommies to explore this opportunity in the office.

5) Don’t say, “Those were the days.”

Live every bit of the present.

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