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14 Mantras PM Modi Told Students at Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

The 6th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha was held in New Delhi today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents on various topics related to life and exams. To help students deal with the upcoming board exams, PM gave exam warriors the following tips:

    1. Pressure of expectations can be obliterated if you remain focused.
    2. One should take up the least interesting or most difficult subjects when the mind is fresh.
    3. Cheating will never make you successful in life.
    4. One should do hard work smartly and on the areas that are important.
    5. Most of the people are average and ordinary but when these ordinary people do extraordinary deeds, they achieve new heights.
    6. Criticism is a purifying and a root condition of a prospering democracy.
    7. There is a huge difference between allegations and criticism.
    8. God has given us free will and an independent personality and we should always be conscious about becoming slaves to our gadgets.
    9. Increasing average screen time is a worrying trend.
    10. One exam is not the end of life and overthinking about our results should not become a thing of everyday life.
    11. By attempting to learn a regional language, you are not just learning about the language becoming an expression but also opening the doors to the history and heritage associated with the region.
    12. I believe that we should not go the way of corporal punishment to establish discipline, we should choose dialogue and rapport.
    13. Parents should expose the children to a wide array of experiences in society.
    14. We should reduce the stress of exams and turn them into celebrations.

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