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Pariksha Pe Charcha: PM’s Six Mantras For Students To Overcome Exam Fear

The 4th edition of PM Narendra Modi’s much-awaited annual programme for students, Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021 was held in a virtual mode on Wednesday. Students, teachers and parents from India and several parts of the world participated in this interaction which lasted for more than 90 minutes.

Talking to students, PM Modi suggested some valuable tips to overcome the fear of exams. Below are six such mantras that PM gave to this year’s exam warriors:

  • Exams are not the end of life

Life is very long. There will be many challenges in life. This is just one of the challenges. It is infact an opportunity. Opportunity to test yourself. And thus, exams should be treated as merely an occasion to test oneself and not be turned into a matter of life and death.

  • How to tackle difficult chapters or subjects?

Tackle the difficult subject/ chapter first: It’s better to tackle difficult subjects early in the day when the mind is still fresh. The easy ones can be handled even when one is tired as they do not require as much efforts as the difficult subjects do.

  • How to prepare for future job opportunities?

“Fast changing world brings many opportunities and there is a need to expand scope of curiosity to grasp those opportunities. In class 10 and 12, students should start observing the life around them for the nature of jobs and new changes and start training and skilling themselves for them.”

  • How to remember things?

Formula for developing sharp memory – ‘involve, internalize, associate and visualize.’ Things that are internalized and become part of the thought flow are never forgotten. One should internalize instead of memorize.

  • How to stay calm during exams?

If you are tense, worried and nervous about exams or its outcome, then the possibility of forgetting answers once you see the question paper increases. Leave all your tension outside the exam hall. Whatever preparations you had to do for the paper, you have already done. So now focus on the questions that you have to answer.

  • Exams do not determine success or failure in life

“What you study cannot be the only measure of success and failure in your life. Whatever you do in life, that will determine your success and failure.”

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