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Eight Ways to protect yourself from pollution

Delhi is choking. So are many states in the country and the world. While governments are taking steps to control pollution, there are some measures that we need to take to minimize our exposure to air pollution and thus prevent ourselves from falling ill. With the help of experts, we have figured out eight such ways:

  1. Stay indoors as much as possible. Avoid going out unless it is really very important.
  2. Check daily air pollution forecasts in your area. If possible, arrange your outings in such a manner that they fall during off-peak hours or during the time/day when pollution levels are low.
  3. Wear a well fitted N99 or N95 mask when out. If that’s not possible, then ensure that your nose is covered when outside.
  4. There’s not much we can do with the air outside. But we can get rid of indoor pollution. Use air purifier or air purifying plants like Spider plants, Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Peace lily, etc.
  5. People living in high-rise are also at risk. Keep your windows and doors closed.
  6. Avoid morning walks. In fact, experts say given the present circumstances, walks should be avoided at any time during the day. Walking in this weather will do more harm to health than good.
  7. If you do not want to break your exercising routine, then exercise at home or closed gym. But ensure that there’s either an air purifier or working AC.
  8. Take steam daily.


While we can’t change the air we are breathing at present, but we can work towards making our immune system stronger by including the following in our daily food intake:

  • Vitamin C, Magnesium and foods rich in Omega Fatty Acids.
  • Ginger Tea
  • Jaggery (gudd). It is said to flush out pollutants from our lungs.

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