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Cooking for kids? Books that can help

What to prepare for lunch for kids? What books should my children read? What are the latest books to hit the market? Does any of these questions trouble you. If yes, then we have a good news for you.

Penguin recently released its list of new releases plus editor’s pick of the month. From cookery to fiction, the collection has it all. Check the books here:

New Releases

1. My Genius Lunch Box

By Masterchef Uma Raghuraman

Likely to be loved by every parent, the book contains 50 fun, nutritious and simple vegetarian recipes that can be made on a school day. The book is divided into six sections: one for each weekday and a bonus section that includes recipes for bite-sized snacks!

2. Song of India

By Ruskin Bond

Sixteen-year-old Ruskin, after having finally finished his school, is living with his stepfather and mother at the Old Station Canteen in Dehradun. Struggling to begin his writing journey, he tries to make a passage to England to chase his true calling. But as he prepares for his long voyage, the prospect of saying goodbye to the warm, sunny shores of India looms large.

3. How the Onion Got Its Layers

By Sudha Murty

Have you noticed how the onion has so many layers? And have you seen your mother’s eyes water when she cuts an onion? Here is a remarkable story to tell you why.

4. The Piano: Story of a Friendship

By Nandita Basu

This is the story of a friendship between a young girl and her piano. The piano was made many decades before the girl was born. And it travelled from leipzig, Germany, through war-torn France and England come to Calcutta during the independence struggle. Finally the girl and the piano found one another, until circumstances separated them.

Editor’s Pick 

1. The Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Cook

By Subhadra Sen Gupta

Rohin is 15 and, despite his father’s wishes, wants nothing to do with science in school. But what does he want to do instead? On vacation at his grandparents’ rambling haveli in Lucknow, he stumbles upon the secret diary of 15-year-old Hassan Ali, or Hasnu, reluctant cook’s apprentice. As Rohin reads the story of Hasnu’s doomed culinary career, he decides he has to track down Hasnu and find out what happened to the Bekaar Bawarchi.

2.The Curious Case of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop

By Nandini Nayar

Making and selling sweets day after day is the life of Vishnudas Mithaiwala, the owner of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop. However, when Laddoo appears at his doorstep one night, claiming to be his estranged sister Revati’s son, Vishnu’s life is thrown into confusion. More craziness ensues when Anu turns up, also insisting that she’s Revati’s child! With no idea how to discern the real Mithaiwala, life is full of chaos for Vishnu, as the two children compete to prove their identity.

3. Petu Pumpkin: Tiffin Thief

By Arundhati Venkatesh

Petu Pumpkin is always eating. When he starts emptying his friends’ tiffin boxes, they form a secret society to save their lunches.

4. Magic in Mussoorie: The Adventures of Nakul Sahej 

By Atul Sethi (Author), Vikas Upadhyay (Illustrator)

Nakul Sahej and his friend Kuku stumble upon an antique book while on holiday in Mussoorie. The book turns out to be a magical one that transports the two back in time to the Mussoorie of over a century ago. Meeting historical personalities of that time, Nakul and Kuku get involved in an intriguing adventure that sets off a series of events which can change the course of history.

5. I Need to Pee

By Neha Singh (Author), Meenal Singh & Erik Egerup (Illustrator)

Rahi simply loves slurping refreshing drinks, and so she always needs to pee. But she hates public loos. On her way to her aunt’s in Meghalaya, she has to pee on a train as well as stop at a hotel and even the really scary public toilet at the bus depot! And when those around her refuse to help her with her troubles, her only saviour is her Book of Important Quotes.

6. Lucky Girl

By Shabnam Minwalla (Author), Tanvi Bhat (Illustrator)

Sumi’s super-chef mom is always feeding her things like pumpkin peel muffins and furryleaf parathas. Yuck.
Sumi has to get her hands on some yummy food. But how?

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