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Say goodbye to the ‘shy’ you

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Are you scared of meeting people? Do you avoid going to parties because it involves talking to strangers? Is it an ordeal to meet new people? Then you are in all probability suffering from acute shyness. We all suffer from some degree of shyness and that’s normal; but when it starts making our life a misery, it is time to fight it out. But how do we overcome shyness?

There’re a number of ways through which we can do it. And believe us; this isn’t as tough as it appears. So, here we go:

1) Shyness is because of preoccupation with oneself

Examine the reasons for your shyness. You will realise the reasons that hinder your communication with others are all concerned in some way or other with yourself – be it the impression you are/ will be making, apprehensions that you may appear like a fool or saying wrong things, and so on. Once you realise that your shyness is because of self-centeredness, you have the solution for overcoming your fear – focus your attention on the other person. One way of doing this is by imaging that you have to describe him or her later on. This way, you will observe keenly his personality, appearance and listen to conversation attentively. Also, do away with one line replies ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Instead, frame your replies in such a manner that they help in continuing the conversation. Try to shape the talk around the favourite subject of that person. This is a sure shot idea of getting the conversation going.

2) Force yourself to meet new people

It will be quite an effort in the beginning but soon it will become your second nature. Try coming out of your cocoon by joining some classes – dance classes, taking up dramatics or some sports, or going out on a holiday camp.

Remember, you can only overcome your shyness if you make a determined effort in this direction. Don’t avoid meeting new people, even if it appears more of an ordeal in the beginning. Force yourself to come out of your shell and you will be amazed to find how fascinating people are.

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