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Seven ways to get your child interested in studies


Is your child not doing well in studies? Do you find it tough to get him open his books? Do you find yourself always screaming at your children for not studying? Well then, rather than scolding or punishing your children for scoring low grades, try following the below mentioned ways. They may just do what your punishment has failed to achieve so far – get your child interested in studies!

1. Understand your child

Be your child’s friend, only then will you be able to understand him and his world. Just like we accept our friends as they are, similarly accept and love your children unconditionally. Don’t always punish or scold them for their unruly behavior, make an effort to understand the reason behind their conduct. Learn to balance friendship with regulation.

2. Stop comparing them with other kids

This is one of the biggest mistakes that parents make. Knowingly or unknowingly, parents tend to compete or compare their children with others. You need to stop it now and realise that your child is unique with his own strengths and weaknesses. This will not only strengthen the bond between you and your child but also reduce the pressure/stress on him.

3. Don’t thrust your expectations on your children

When you thrust your expectations/goals on your children, you put them under tremendous pressure which eventually results in them not finding studies an enjoyable activity. Remember, every child is different. It is not necessary that all children excel in studies, some have a talent for sports, dance or music. Rather than burdening them with your goals (unfulfilled desires in most cases), encourage them in the area where their strength and interest lies.

4. Reward them

Set a few hours a day for their studies. Instead of forcing them, try to induce them to study. This can be easily done by rewarding them for successful completion of the number of study hours. Rewards can be their favourite food, fun activity time, outing with family/friends, or buying them their choice of gift.

5. Show relevance of the subjects in real life 

This is one of the best ways to make your child interested in a subject. Only when he sees the practical use of his subjects (use in day-to-day life), will he develop an interest in them. For example, take him through the Google Earth and get him interested in geography. Show him how calculations are useful during shopping. Try various creative approaches in order to make subjects appealing for your child.

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6. Try to identify the root cause of the problem

If your child is not performing well or has lost interest in studies, instead of lecturing or reprimanding, make an effort to identify the real reason behind it. Try talking to your child. Speak to his teachers, friends if required. Does he find the subject or teaching methodology boring? Is he suffering from an exam phobia? Is he suffering from some health issue? Identify the problem. Only then can you find its solution.

7. Patience is the key

Whenever you find yourself getting angry seeing your child’s report card or lack of interest in studies, remember your own childhood days. You were certainly not behaving any different. That’s how children behave. As a parent, it is your job to show them the right way. And you can do it successfully only when you do not lose patience. It may take time; instead of just one, you may need a mix of approaches to get your child interested in studies. But nothing can be achieved if you do not learn to be patient.

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