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Five Traits of Top Scorers

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Have you ever wondered what are the factors that go in to making of the top ranks, other than the innate intelligence of students? Well, various studies have been carried out in this regard to understand the common characteristics among top scorers. We have compiled below a list of some such interesting traits for you. Follow them and check for yourself if they help you improve your grades or not.

  • Study Early Hours: Several studies have shown that those who score among the tops usually study their lessons in the early hours of morning, while those who score less rarely read in morning.
  • The Way of Reading Differs: Among top-rankers, majority prefer to read while walking, nearly 20 per cent while lying in bed and an equal percentage in combined studies with fellow students. However, majority of people who achieve less in examinations are the ones who read while lying in bed.
  • Prepare Your Own Notes: Several studies have shown that students remember more if they prepare and read from their own notes. Those who score less are generaly the ones who depend completely only on class notes.
  • Define Your Aim of Education: Why are you studing the subject? What is it that you are going to achieve by it? The aim of education plays a pivotal role in the attainment of marks by students. Is the aim on the the acquisition of knowledge or access to a top college or profession or are the studies being done for prestige or mere pleasure? Figure out the aim and the rest will fall in place.
  • Dedication: Students who devote more time and are regular in their studies fare better than those having irregular study habits.

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