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This is how these children utilised their time during lockdown

Every now and then, we hear news about police having a hard time sending people back home as the latter are not staying inside during lockdown. If it is so difficult for adults to follow lockdown rules, imagine the plight of students who are forbidden from playing even in their locality or society parks.

We asked a few students how they have utilised their lockdown time. Here’s what they had to say (children being featured in the alphabetical order of their names):

Aarav Raina, Class VIII, Apeejay School, Noida:

My exams ended on 14 March and from that day onwards, I am at home. We were planning to go to Goa on 25 March for a family trip but it got cancelled because of lockdown… and we were confined to our home. For some days, it was nice. I spent my time on computer and TV, but slowly, it started getting boring. I did try to spend some time reading story books but nothing seemed to help. Finally, I began listening to music and learning the lyrics of songs. Singing is my favourite hobby.

I had started my YouTube channel a few months back, so I thought of recording some songs and uploading them on my channel. I recorded a few songs with the help of my parents; and found a movie editing software online. It’s fun to learn new effects and create some animation and colour/ sound effects in the recorded file. I have uploaded first video. It’s a good feeling. I am working on a few more videos.

Mananya Pal, Class VIII, DPS Noida:

I was concerned with the way things were moving around the world. Initially, it was a bit scary as we were unable to move out of our homes, but I tried to stay positive and enjoy these quarantine-cum-holidays.

One day, while watching news with my parents, I asked my mother – “Why do people crib all the time? Why can’t they appreciate what they have? Why are they so negative?” My mother then suggested me to express my thoughts before the world and that’s how my YouTube channel, FÜLLE OF LIFE began; to convey the message that life is beautiful in all ways, we just need to develop a positive bent of mind.

I want to pass this message to everyone – Life is a beautiful journey, it only gives rewards or learning. Please accept it all.

Nivriti Razdan, Class VIII, FR Agnel School, Vaishali:

During this lockdown, I spent my days doing things that I never really got time to do earlier. Before lockdown, my whole day went in doing homework, preparing for my exams and other important stuff. But, nowadays, as there is no school, I am able to spend time with my family. We play together games like chess, carrom board, etc. It’s really enjoyable. We also watch movies together. As there’s no office, my father stays at home and the whole family eats lunch and dinner together.

I miss my school and my friends, but spending time with my family is comparatively more fun.

Tvisha Kinra, Class VIII, DPS International, Saket, Delhi:

The first two days of the lockdown were really fun as I woke up late and spent the day playing games, watching movies etc. But after some time, I got bored, so I decided to stay off-screen for the whole day. I also prepared a schedule for myself (though I don’t follow it to the T). First of all, I joined an online course which had daily quizzes. It keeps me busy and enhances my knowledge as well. Next, I thought of spending a bit more time with my family. So, we started playing board games like Plot 4, Ludo, Othello, Dobble. My mother and I also baked a delectable cake. I have also started helping a little in dusting my room. It is really fun getting to know my family a bit more.

I love dancing so I learn it from YouTube. This has improved my skills as a wannabe dancer. I also love Korean pop music and television shows so I took an initiative to learn a bit of Korean language too. Plus, I have started learning keyboard from YouTube. I am also reading books – not only fantasy novels but also biographies of great people (because my parents gave me those).

This is basically how I spent and am still spending my time during lockdown. However, I just want my school to open as I am missing my friends badly.

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