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Online schools: A boon or a bane? We ask students

Almost every school has now gone online. Government too is encouraging it. But what about students? Are they enjoying these classes? More than enjoyment, are they learning anything from these classes? Are they able to understand their teachers by just following their voice and ppt? How are students finding these classes? We ask some students (students being featured in the alphabetical order of their names):

Arnav Bajaj, Class VIII, DPS Indirapuram, GZB

When I saw the circular informing us about online classes, I found it very interesting. After attending these classes, I feel there are many advantages of online classes:

  1. No loss of study is going to happen
  2. Online classes help us spend time when we can’t even go out and play

At the same time, I think the only disadvantage of online classes is:

  1. Usually, our teachers teach us with the help of slides (ppt). In case, we miss those slides then it becomes very difficult for us to arrange them.

But still a special thanks to our dearest technology.

Raghav Goyal, Class XII, Amity International School, Vasundhara

By starting online classes, schools have taken an excellent step to ensure that students don’t waste their time sitting idle or indulging in unproductive activities like watching series, movies and wasting time on social media. They give us regular homework/ assignments which keeps us occupied. With online classes, schools won’t face any difficulty in covering the syllabus after they reopen. Online classes also have some limitations:

  1. They cause eye strain leading to frequent rubbing and washing of eyes.
  2. Many a time, due to internet connection or other technical glitches, students end up missing the class.
  3. Since most of us are not habitual to studying online, many students don’t attend a session. Some simply join the session, put their device on mute and then do something else. They simply register their presence for e-attendance.
  4. Last but not the least, shy students feel embarrassed clearing their doubts on camera.

Vaishnavi Arora, Class IX, K R Mangalam School, Vikaspuri, Delhi

On the first day of online school, I was quite excited to see how it was going to work. Since chatting with friends or video calls were always fun, I was quite optimistic. But the first thing that greeted me was complete chaos! I guess the whole ballgame changed when it involved 30 students and a teacher. Some kids had both their cameras and microphones on, others were unable to log in, and some only had their audio on. The teacher, who rightfully had both her camera and microphone on, was trying to make sense of the cacophony and get her point across. Kids started giggling when one student accidentally switched on a song, which frustrated the teacher further. Several minutes later, the teacher had established command over the class, as all the students had to mute the microphones and listen to her instructions. What a blissfully orderly class it was, with no interruptions from that point!

So, that was the first day, but now we have got more accustomed to online classes. There is a specific time to speak to the teacher, to clear doubts, etc. The rest of the time we keep the microphones off. Now classes progress smoothly and it’s kind of fun to attend school, right from home.

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