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SmartK – NCERT Based Early Years Curriculum

S Chand Group launches SmartK, an NCERT based early years curriculum, which stems from the need to provide quality education to children to enhance their learning experience. It provides all the teaching-learning resources thereby easing the work pressure of teachers.

SmartK is an age-appropriate curriculum for 2.5 to 6-year-old, and follows a ‘preschool in a box’ approach. Post subscription, preschool will receive a thematic child kit and a teacher kit that will include all the essential components for executing the curriculum.

The core of this thematic, play and activity-based curriculum are children and teachers. Learning and developmental domains are central to the SmartK curriculum. These assist in building knowledge as well as inculcating values and life skills among children. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to choose, create, comprehend, organise, evaluate and collaborate with their peers during the learning process.

The curriculum has been designed for the following levels:

Readiness 2.5 to 3 years 6 monthly theme boxes
120 Lesson plans
Level 1 3 to 4 years 10 monthly theme boxes
200 Lesson plans
Level 2 4 to 5 years 10 monthly theme boxes
200 Lesson plans
Level 3 5 to 6 years 10 monthly theme boxes
200 Lesson plans
Broad objectives of the SmartK Curriculum
  • Enable a smooth transition from home to preschool to formal schooling
  • Ensure each child is valued, respected, feels safe and secure and develops a positive self concept
  • Enable a sound foundation for physical and motor development of each child, as per the child’s potential
  • Imbibe good nutrition routines, health habits, hygiene practices and self-help skills
  • Enable effective communication among children and foster both receptive and expressive language
  • Promote development and integration of the senses
  • Stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop conceptual understanding of the world around by providing opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment
  • Enhance development of pro-social skills, social competence and emotional well being
  • Develop sense of aesthetic appreciation and stimulate creative learning processes
  • Imbibe culturally and developmentally appropriate behaviour and core human values of respect and love for fellow human beings
SmartK Features 
  • Inspired by NCERT
  • 21st century activity-based thematic curriculum
  • All the themes are delivered together
  • Activity material included for concept, individual and group activities
  • Curated keeping in mind the needs of schools, children, facilitators and parents
  • Makes planning and execution easy for the facilitators
  • Requires limited prep time
  • Self-explanatory
  • Provides classroom interactive displays

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