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This start up tells students, ‘Don’t Memorise’

In a scenario where students are taught to mug up, rather memorize topics irrespective of whether they have understood it or not, imagine someone telling you ‘don’t memorise’. Well, Ganesh Gopal Pai and his team at Zouka Solutions Pvt. Ltd, believes in just that. Their product, Don’t Memorise, is a video content platform to help K-12 students in India understand subjects like Maths and Science in an easy and friendly format.

“Our philosophy was very simple. I wanted students to learn concepts and not just memorise,” said Ganesh.

Its videos, which are mainly freely accessible, explain various topics in a simple story format. As the student progresses, he/she is required to register on the website to access the whole content.

Our research tells us that students usually watch videos when they have doubts. Online education comes in handy when they really need it.

“Our research tells us that students usually watch videos when they have doubts. Online education comes in handy when they really need it,” explains Ganesh.

Its YouTube channel is already popular among students with its subscriber base nearing millions. But with so many players in the market, how does the company plan to beat the competition?

“Many companies enter the market, but they are struggling because it’s an expensive and time-consuming market. We never looked at it as a business. We are educators first. Business comes second. We strongly believe that if your content is good, you will survive,” said Ganesh, adding, “Being an Indian company, we are able to better understand what students really want. Many people have told us that there are more comfortable with our content because the accent is familiar and they like the way things are taught at Don’t Memorise.”

Revenue Model

While the content available on its platform is free, it earns money from B2B deals, that is, through licensing of content.

“Organisations prefer our content because they see it as a premium content. Ours is seen as a gold standard in video content because of high-level animation we use,” explains Ganesh.


Ganesh feels that it’s important that edtech companies should leverage each other’s work instead of competing in each and every segment. “Our goal is to democratise education,” he said.

“When we talk about growing content, we are looking at co-creation. There are many companies and people who have the expertise but are unable to create video content. We will partner with such companies or individuals and create something together.”

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