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Eight life lessons from Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020

PM Narendra Modi recently interacted with students as part of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 in New Delhi. The interaction, which lasted for over 90 minutes, saw students seek guidance on various issues of importance to them from the Prime Minister. Students from all over the world participated in the event. Here’re eight takeaways from this year’s charcha:

How to deal with demotivation and mood swings?

PM: Most often, students get demotivated due to external factors or because they try to attach too much significance to their expectations. Find out the reason for demotivation and ponder over how to deal with it.

Take the example of Chandrayaan-2 setback. We should not look at failures as setbacks or stumbling blocks. We can add enthusiasm to every aspect of life. A temporary setback doesn’t mean that we cannot succeed in life. In fact, a setback may mean that the best is yet to come. We should try to convert our distressed situations as stepping stones for a bright future.

How to strike a balance between extra-curricular activities and studies?

PM: Importance of co-curricular activities in a student’s life cannot be understated. Not pursuing extra-curricular activities can lead to students becoming like a robot. Balancing the two thus requires a better and optimal time management by students.

Today, there are plenty of opportunities. Make use of them and pursue a hobby or an activity of your interest with proper zeal.

Advice to Parents

Do not make extra-curricular interests of your children a fashion statement or a calling card. Extra-curricular activities needn’t be glamour driven. Let each child pursue what he or she likes.

Are marks everything in life? How to score marks in exams?

PM: Our education system determines our success based on our performance in various exams. Examination is a stepping stone, an important stepping stone in life. But it is not everything. Marks are not life. If you do not score well, don’t behave as if you have lost everything. There are umpteen opportunities available nowadays. You can go to any field.

Advice to Parents

Don’t tell children that scores are everything.

Importance of Technology in Education

PM: Fear of technology is not good. Technology is a friend. Merely knowledge of technology isn’t enough. Its application is equally important. Technology is a part of our daily life, but if we misuse it, it robs our valuable time and resources.

Rights Vs Duties: What are the rights of students? How can we make citizens aware of their duties?

PM: An individual’s rights are embedded in his duties. Take an example of a teacher. If he performs his duties, then he is fulfilling the rights of his students. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi – there are no fundamental rights but fundamental duties.

How to deal with pressure and expectations from parents and teachers?

Advice to Parents

The way ahead lies in pursuing, not pressuring children. Inspire children to do things that brings out their inner potential.

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Best time to study

PM: While mind is as fresh early in the morning as the sky after rain, one should follow only that routine in which one is comfortable.

How to fight the fear of board exams?

PM: Ample rest is as important as the study. Be confident about your preparation. Do not enter the examination hall with any sort of pressure. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Have faith in yourself and focus on what you’ve prepared.

Future Career Options

PM: Pursue your interests. Work with a zeal to deliver for the nation and its development.

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